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Published on July 29th, 2014 | by allan


Selloff Update

It’s been a few weeks or months since I started to clear out the collection.  I sold a lot that I thought I would miss but I can’t say I really have.  In the end, it’s nicer to have the money.  Of course that’s all spent on other things.  I sold off a SRP043k1SNAB65SNDC87, and another watch that wasn’t a Seiko.

For those of you that are wondering I haven’t sold the SCVS013, the “Blue Spark”, yet.  I can’t seem to let it go.  I feel like this is one watch that I’d regret selling.  Maybe not right away but eventually I would.  I do think I overpaid for it but I was so excited to find one available.  Considering it had a scratch on it, I’m not sure I would’ve paid full asking price.  That’s a moot point though.

The collection is currently:  Seiko SRP043 | SCVS013 | SNDA65 | 7009-4001 | SRG001

I’m not sure I’ll sell the SRG001 because my father gave that one to me.  The two that I’m leaning towards selling are the Spork and the SNDA65.  Yes, I have another Spork which is pristine condition.  There’s one currently being offered at $500 on a rubber strap which is the SRP043k2.  If anyone is interested, let me know soon.

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