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Ask a lot of questions

I just learned a valuable lesson recently. You can never assume anything when buying things online.

I’ve been a member of eBay since 1998. I’ve never really had a serious problem. Although, I consider myself savvy enough to spot potential scams when I see them. I’ve had two scammers try to buy things from me in the past few months but luckily, I never lost any items or money. As a buyer, you have to pay attention to the listing description very carefully. You should also inspect whatever pictures are posted as well. From here on out, I am going to ask a ton of questions and ask for more pictures whenever possible.

About three weeks ago I purchased the watch I’ve been eyeing for months, the SRP043 aka the “Spork.” It came up on eBay as a buy it now option with the option to make an offer. It was late and I had had a few adult beverages. I was about to go to bed and since it is usually in high demand I went ahead and made an offer, one that I thought was on the low side. When I woke up, I checked my email on my phone: “Enjoy your SEIKO SRP043K1…”

eBaySpork_1 eBaySpork_2

The description stated the case was 10/10 as was the glass. He stated that the bracelet was 8/10. Now I know I’m buying a used watch and all but when the watch arrived, I was fairly disappointed. To me, 10/10 means perfect or is that unfair to assume? There were marks all over the bracelet, some on the case/lugs, and a small ding in the bezel. I mean at least clean the watch before you send it off. There was residue in the clasp and around the case even. Whatever, maybe I’m just OCD. I’m not sure what he thinks 10/10 means.

Another issue is that the bracelet barely fit me and I have pretty small wrists. I understand that many people get their bracelet sized. The seller stands by his description. I have since cleaned it up and it looks ok. I’m going to take it to a shop to see if they can brush out the “desk diver” marks.

This was my first time purchasing a watch second hand and I’d have to say it was definitely a learning experience.

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