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Published on February 22nd, 2013 | by allan


Another impulse buy.

It’s been somewhat of a busy month as far as pickups go. I saw a listing on eBay for a Spork that was listed at 300, Buy It Now. It turned out to be in British pounds which equates to $457 American. Then I noticed that the seller was also accepting offers. I figured “what the hell, I’ll make a lowball offer.” What’s the worst that could happen, I get denied? I figured $250 GBP was a nice round number that was low but not too insulting. That is the equivalent of $381 American.

It must not have been insultingly low because I woke up to an email from eBay: “Enjoy your SEIKO SRP043K1 Spork!” I couldn’t decide if I was happy or if I had made a bad impulsive decision. It’s been a few days and I’m leaning towards happy. These things have been so hard to come by and they’re not getting any cheaper.  The thing that killed my “deal” was shipping.  It cost about $45 American since the watch is starting it’s travel from the United Kingdom.

It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t get tracking.  I’m really anxious to get mine!  If you must have one now, there is one currently for sale on eBay but it’s at $455 with a couple days to go.  You’d be lucky to find one under $400 at this point.

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