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Published on February 1st, 2013 | by allan



7a38-7000 7a38-7000 7a38-7000

I went 0-2 yesterday.  I lost out on the EL-370 and another one I was “watching,” a 7a38-7000.  I like the black face with the subtle contrasting grey chronograph dials.  It has a 17 jewel quartz 7a38 movement.  This was the world’s first analog quartz chrono. It went into production in the early 80s and out of production before 1990.  Seiko supplied the British Armed Forces with similar models in the mid-80s.

The auction was going for $122 up until a few minutes before it ended.  Then the sniping began and I entered in my max of $150.  It sold for $157.50, just $7.50 more.  Who is to say that I would’ve won if I entered $160 anyway?  I’m sure another one will pop up on eBay.  I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for these 7a38s.

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